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Day Three (Friday)

We started a little late on Friday, but still fit in a large amount of activites. First we went took the Subway over to Little Italy and wandered around. They were celebrating the Feast of San Ganerao so it was quite a busy place. Lots of side vendors and such. Among the food you could buy, fried Oreos. I did not brave that experience. We stopped at a litte Cafe (Cafe Roma) for biscotti and gelato. That was the first time I'd ever had gelato. Very good!

From there we went to the Strand around Union Square and Broadway. That is a huge discount bookstore that I could have spent hours in. Well, at least if I'd had the money. Because let me tell you, I could spend every penny there. Why don't we have good bookstores like that here in Atlanta? Or why can't I find them? I came home with, Inkheart in hardback, Dragon Rider and Phantom of the Opera. We walked a little way down from there to a comic store called, Forbidded Planet. Also very cool. I picked up two Serenity comic books there. (the didn't have the middle one)

We went back to the hotel from there to drop of our books. Rested up and took the Subway to the Met. Okay, took the Metro as close as we could to the Met and walked a long way. Though it was a beautiful day in a nice residental area. The Met was cool. We just went in and to the gift shop. Didn't go in. Both of us were pretty tired and I have to be in the mood for a museum to enjoy it. We took a Taxi from there to Strawberry Fields in Central park and I took some pics of the Imagine mosaic. Sadly it was a bit of a cloudy day and those pics didn't come out as well as could be hoped for. Though they still came out nice.

Went to 5th Ave. from there. How awesome. First thing I saw, Gap. So I went into the Gap on 5th in NYC. :-) Also took a picture of it. From there we went to Trup Towers. Wow. Huge! And very beautiful. Though not much for the public to see. Tiffany's was next door, but we didn't go in. We took a Taxi back to the hotel after that. We finally decided on dinner at a church across the street called, St. Barts. It was so good!

Day Four

We started Saturday early because we wanted to catch a Harbor tour at 10. We took a taxi down to the peir to do a NY Waterway tour. This was not the Circle tour that you usually hear about and highly recommend it. There were not hear as many people and was very enjoyable and informative. I got lots of great pictures of the sky line and such. But I forgot to bring an extra roll of film. This meant I only had two pictures left when we got to the Statue of Liberty. And I took these when we were not as close as we could have been. because the parked right in front of it. Oh well.

From there we took a bus down to Times Square (my fav!) And I got some great pictures. Also, while we were there I saw Brad Garret from Everybody Loves Raymond and Mattehew Broderick! I was shocked to see him. But I did the New Yorker thing and didn't bother him. I was close though! The funny thing was, he was coming up from the subway! My godmothers nephew said when he used to live in the city he saw him all the time on the Metro. Huh.

After that we went back to the hotel to have lunch with my godmother's nephew and his wife and daughters.

Then we took a taxi out to Queens to the American Museum of the Moving Image. That was really cool. They had lots of interactive things and some very old cameras. They had a bunch of Gumby things. Even watched a little bit of an old episode. :-) Queens was nice. I could see living there. (Hey, Spider-Man does...)

We then took another taxi to Grand Central station. That taxi driver would not stop talking. It was kinda annoying. Oh well. Grand Central was really cool. Very big! From there we went to the New York Public library. (the big one) Wow! I could have stayed there for days. It was beautiful with lots of old books. Wish I could have taken pictures. If you have seen the Day After Tomorrow you remember that big room with the tables every one was in at the begining? We saw that room. 

From there we went to Johns Pizza for dinner. They were supposed to have some of the best pizza in the city, I thought it was okay.

Then it was time to go back and pack up. :-( We left the next morning.

So that was my trip! I hope you've enjoyed this report!  

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