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Just a little while ago, I realized I might have the wrong address for Rit and started looking into it. After having no success, it finally came down to calling the number I had. I've never been so nervous. The first time I called, I got an answering machine with a mans voice asking you to leave a message. I didn't because I thought I might have a wrong number. So I waited, did some more searching and decided to call the number again and just leave a message. Well, this time some a woman answered. I realized I could be talking to anyone. Kim...his mom...or some one completely un-related. After bumbling around a bit I finally said, "I'm not sure how to ask this but is Rit..." I couldn't finish, she finished for me. The woman I was talking to ended up being Rit's sister-in-law. That meant the mans voice on the answering machine was Rit's. I talked to her for about 5min and it was so hard not to start crying again. She was so nice and seemed to understand how I was feeling, even though I'm not even sure she understood how I knew Rit. I told here there were a lot of people who just found out today that he had passed and we where all praying for his family and keeping him in our thoughts. She said thank you. I informed her about LiveJournal and suggested Kim try and see if she can get on to read what people where saying about him. I'm not sure if she fully understood me, but mabye Kim will.

If any of you got his address from me and don't have an e-mail from me with the correct one, please contact me again. This is important or you won't get to his family.
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