Dec. 9th, 2008


Dec. 9th, 2008 12:10 pm
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Willow: Wait! 'Images of Pop Culture.' This is good. They watch movies, TV shows, even commercials.
Buffy: For credit?
Willow: Heh. Isn't college cool?
Buffy: How'd I miss that one?

So here's the deal. This semester I took a class called "Studies in Pop Culture" in the end it didn't turn out nearly as fun as I had hoped, but it is allowing me to write a paper on Buffy. So yays!

This is what I need, my paper is entitled "The Pop 'Cult'ure of Buffy" and I'm looking to fill 7 pages with the awesomeness that is Buffy. I'm looking for fan related stories about your experience wit Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Did it change your life?
Why do you love it so much?
Have any good fan relate experiences?
Did you meet your best friend because of Buffy?
What expereinces have you shared with others because of Buffy?
Are you a vidder? A fan fic writer? What do those things mean for you?
Is Buffy your escape? Why?
How did you start watching Buffy? From day one episode one? Or later?
Any interesting debates sparked out of Buffy?

Do you see what I'm asking? I have some of my own information I can put into this essay of course. So I'm not looking for any essay from you... just some experiences/stories whatever that can show what Buffy means to you. And that it still is its own subculture today.

(this is a public post so if you think you know some people with good stories, please feel free to share!)
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Hey, another friend of mine in the same pop culture class needs some help with her shipping essay... (Fandom relation ships that is)

See here! -


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